Learn the joy of scuba diving at Dive Territory

Beneath the ocean's surface lay a world that is perfectly-suited for curious exploration. The sea teems with wondrous forms of life. Astonishing formations and man-made structures litter the landscape. Scuba diving has become an enormously-popular activity enjoyed by all ages. But, there are dangers that await those who aren't prepared.

For most scuba diving expeditions, training is critical. Wreck diving and cave diving present unique hazards. Most professional divers prefer to explore wrecks and caves using a buddy system. Even night diving, typically done in shallow waters, can be both exhilarating and dangerous. While it presents an adventure, divers must be armed with primary and secondary dive torches to signal others in an emergency.

Getting the most from your diving experience means having a keen understanding of the equipment used during your dives. Dive masks can easily fog (unless you use our mask defogging tips). Knowing which diving boots to wear for different circumstances can provide protection for your feet. Learning to use a buoyancy compensator properly can allow you to experience the world beneath the surface with more control and less effort.

Even more important, your safety during dives depends largely on how comfortable you are with your equipment as well as precautions you take before submerging. Knowing how to read your dive watch or dive computer can help you avoid gas bubbles forming in your blood stream (known as decompression sickness). Similarly, your choice of diving suits can play a key role in your enjoyment and safety during a dive. If you want to go on a deep diving expedition, you need to understand how your equipment helps with navigation and keeps you safe at extreme depths.

Scuba diving (and even snorkeling) is an opportunity to experience a world beyond that which most people will ever witness. Even though you'll see spectacular sights below the ocean's surface that will take your breath away, it's also a world fraught with hidden perils for the untrained and uninitiated. That's why we've built this website. To give you the tools and knowledge you need to embark on a wondrous journey underwater. If you're new to scuba diving, you're in for the ride of a lifetime.